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How rapidly did you prototype your last great idea?  How fast do  your development team turn their code from development to production?

The Cloud and Container development methods can RAPIDLY improve your development cycle and allow your new features and bug fixes get to your customers in production extremely fast.


Still huddled in your data center with all the old equipment expending a ton of your cash on CapEx every year to maintain the upgrade cycle just to keep up?

STOP!!!  It's not worth the time, hassle, costs and slowness of development cycles.

TekMage Consulting can get your application, service into the cloud.  We have successfully migrated many legacy infrastructures.  Every time we do we increase the speed to production deployment, we INCREASE security, we automate deployments and best of all we can reduce your COSTS of running your infrastructure.  Ask us how!!


Automation is the KEY to productivity, security and the way to build fault tolerant, auto recoverable infrastructure.

How fast can you rebuild your data center?  How fast can you move your data center from the west coast to the east coast?  How fast can you expand for a ramp up in customers?

TekMage Consulting can help your team automate and move your service infrastructure to a completely automated rebuild so you can do all of this which will allow you to maintain security and be agile in your development through to production.


TekMage Consulting can help you become and stay secure in the cloud.

The Cloud can be the most secure place to run your business, but only IF you take the time and continually review your deployments.  Automation of  your deployments helps you maintain a level of security and reduces the variances from manual deployments.  

Top benefits of cloud computing

  • Pay only for what you use, not all the extra kit laying around unused all night.
  • Speed from idea to production
  • Fail Fast, Recover Fast

Cloud Computing

Do you have a lot of variable workloads? Do you have a lot of equipment growing old in a data center unused and costing you a ton for maintenance?  Are you agile enough to grow using the newest technology and equipment every time you deploy?

Cloud Computing 

TekMage Consulting can help your team migrate your data center infrastructure into the Amazon Cloud or Google Cloud Platform or even Microsoft's Azure Cloud.  

If you're developing a new cloud native service we can help you automate and become more cost and performance efficient.

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We'd love to hear what you are interesting in doing in the cloud or with containers.  Let's Talk it over and if we can help, we'll explain how and work on a plan to make your service efficient and safe in the cloud.

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How can TekMage & the  Cloud improve your Business?

      Let's talk about your infrastructure, tell us what you are trying to achieve with your applications.  We will review the architecture and present a plan to improve the performance, costs and management scaleability.  TekMage Consulting can work with you on your move to the cloud or just improve how you are currently working in the cloud.  TekMage can help you improve security, automate deployments or help you with best practices.